Beer Sampling in the Red Hare Backyard Beer Garden!

The Backyard Beer Garden is fun, educational and important to our community! Meet and quiz local landscape experts and enjoy a refreshing beer in the ultimate backyard.  The Atlanta Home Show and Hope Atlanta are extremely grateful to Georgia Landscape and Red Hare Brewing Company for teaming up to help raise money and awareness for Hope Atlanta - dedicated to preventing homelessness in our community. 


And Here's the Beers that your $5 donation to Hope Atlanta will get you:


This is a bohemian style pilsner that is packed with flavor.  Golden in color, this beer comes through with slightly sweet and biscuity malt notes.  We used some noble type hops to bitter, then put our twist on it with some Pacific Northwest hops at the end to deliver a slightly citrusy nose.  We hope you find this beer not only sessionable, but also very refreshing after a long day.







This American style IPA is medium bodied and definitely has that citrus flavor and aroma we've all come to love.  We hope this IPA sets the tone for our brewery in the Atlanta market.  Slightly sweet, hopped with Williamette, Chinook, Cascade and Falconers Flight hops, this golden brew is crisp but unfiltered and we know it will leave people thirsty for more.




 Gem City Classic is a craft light lager brewed to drink easy and finish clean.  Hallertauer Mittelfruh and Citra hops compliment the crisp quality of the beer with fragrant aromas but no overpowering bitterness.  At 4.2% ABV and just 140 calories per can, Gem City Classic is the perfect beer to throw back while watching the game.

Pairing Suggestions: Seafood, BBQ, meat pies and sharp cheeses.







Brewed with PEACHES, pilsen, wheat, and 2-row malted barley - with a dash of German Hallertau hops, Red Hare's "Ain't That a Peach" ale delivers a refreshing experience like the wind in your hair on a vintage Fokker D.II biplane!  The fresh peach aroma hits your nose, followed by awesome tartness with your first sip.

Lactobacillus added in the kettle creates just the right amount of lactic acid tartness to blend magically with the sweet peaches.  You'll love this beer as it takes your taste buds somewhere between a sour gummy candy and your Momma's sweet tea!






SPF 50/50 is a light, refreshing blend of Gangway IPA and our house brewed sparkling grapefruit soda.  Sweet grapefruit zest mingles perfectly with citrusy hop notes, making this the perfect can to take with you everywhere this summer.








Zythos hops scent this ale with a refreshing citrusy aroma which translates into floral, orange notes on the tongue.  A sweet malty backbone balances the slight bitterness of the hop profile making this a refreshing brew with a clean finish - the perfect companion for any activity!

Pairing Suggestions: Poultry, salads, earthy, nutty and tangy cheese.


Beer descriptions provided by Red Hare Brewing Company.  For more information visit Red Hare online at


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